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Your Eyes, Our Focus.....

Having the capacity to see clearly, and being able to still read and enjoy your favourite program on a screen, as you progress in years is a gift that everyone must yearn for and strive to maintain. This involves active care of the eyes in terms of a good dietary choices that nourish the components of the eye, and regular check-ups for those with chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension and those with family histories of glaucoma and blindness.

The process of vision is a complex one, requiring normal functioning eye structures that transmit light rays from the objects being viewed through the cornea, then an internal lens which focuses the image unto the healthy nerve endings that make up the Retina. Nerve fibres from the retina, carry the impulses generated in the nerve endings to the brain which transforms light impulses into the images we see.

Problems with any of these components can affect the ability to see clearly.

Disorders with focusing, leading to blurred vision is easily corrected with eye glasses. Allergies cause irritation and drying of the surface of the eye is frequently experienced as we grow older, again easily corrected using lubricating eye drops.

A red eye is always a red flag that indicates something is seriously wrong, and requires immediate attention. Self-medicating can be dangerous as this is sometimes the result of

raised intra ocular pressure, commonly known as Glaucoma. This, if not managed properly will lead to blindness.

Opacification in the cornea or the lens interrupts the transmission of light and this causes cloudy of vision. When the opacification is in the lens it is called cataract, which can be surgically removed, giving a new lease of vision.


Barnor provides an excellent ophthalmology services with outstanding outcomes, especially in the correction of age related challenges and complications that have arisen following eye surgery.

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