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General OPD Services

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A Caring Positive Experience.....

Link Road Clinic as it was then known, opened its doors to outpatient services in October 1958. Today, it is a family hospital noted for its patient centred approach which enables a holistic assessment and treatment of all its patients, getting to the root cause of conditions, and providing comprehensive and lasting solutions to healthcare challenges.

Our family doctors attend to patients irrespective of their age, sex, and condition providing continuing care over the years. Our team of specialists in the various disciplines makes the internal referrals to in-house specialists easy and enables coordinated care between our primary care physicians and the specialist doctors.

Patient wellbeing remains at the centre of all services, Barnor Memorial hospital ensures your comfort and services are provided in a serene atmosphere.

Our staff are friendly and we look forward to seeing you. Consulting Hours: 24 Hours (Daily)

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