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Family Medicine


Providing Holistic Care....

After sixty years of family practice, the Family physicians at BARNOR hospital focus on providing holistic care to patients of all ages and gender.  We do not limit  attention to the body system patients  present with, but  comprehensively using a patient centered approach, explore every aspect of their life situation to determine the root cause of their condition, and then provide holistic treatments to ensure their return to a state of both physical and mental wellness. Our services ensure personalized , comprehensive, continuing care for individuals and their families through their generations and to the community at large.


The role of the family physician includes educating patients with emphasizing on life style modification and disease prevention. 

Conditions like stroke, heart disease, asthma, diabetes and cancer are some of the most common chronic degenerative conditions managed by family physicians. 

We provide ongoing personalized care through some of the most challenging  periods in peoples lives and use integrative diagnostic tests to assess progress,  and to determine the next best steps in an individuals treatment plan.


Our family health physicians look forward to providing you with comprehensive care that  will ensure you and your family live the full length of your years in a state of good health.

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