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General OPD Services

Our team of medical experts will assist you through your entire medical journey at the Out-Patient Department making sure your health needs are swiftly attended to and meticulously handled so you are out of the hospital soon

Ophthalmology (Eye Care)

Our Ophthalmology department is run by the most experienced team of doctors with special interest in providing innovative treatment and care to a myraid of eye disorders caused by a wide range of medical issues bothering the young and old 

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Our team of specialist Gynecologists have an enviable cumulative wealth of experience managing women's reproductive health and are available to assist you on your journey leading to the birth of a healthy and cheerful child




Providing General and Specialist healthcare that meet the entire family needs.

We are constantly updating our list of medical insurance companies we work with. Here are a few we currently accept..

We discuss a wide range of medical conditions - causes and treatment over time. Read more to go back in time to see what we have discussed in your absence

We maintain a team of highly skilled medical specialists in relevant fields with specific hours of operation.

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